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Ask Our Electrician in Goshen, NY: What Outdoor Lighting Should You Consider This Summer?

Summer is here, which means gathering friends and family for cookouts and other get-togethers outside the house. If you’re planning to have these events run into the night, you may want to invest in some solid outdoor lighting for your home so that everyone can feel safe and comfortable — and so you can show off the best aspects of the house you’ve invested so much in. You might be wondering, though: what options do you have as far as different lighting fixtures go, and how can they make the outside of your house just as inviting as the inside? Well, here are a few different options courtesy of your local electrician in Goshen, NY at Jones Services.

Outdoor wall lighting can provide the illumination you need for outdoor seating.

When the sunlight gets low and you’ve got party goers in your outdoor seating area, having lights on the outer walls of your house that illuminate it are an absolute must. Make sure these are equipped with a dimmer so you can fully customize the level of lighting.

Flood lights cast a wide area of light that’s perfect for having cookouts in the yard.

When you’ve got people over for a cookout, or have kids playing on the lawn into the night, make sure to have flood lights installed on your home. These fixtures are very bright and cast their light over a wide area, making them perfect for covering your back and/or front yard. The higher up you place them, the wider an area they’ll illuminate.

Cove lighting can be used to “light the way” along paths near your home.

The simplest application for cove lighting would be to hide its strips along the pathway up to your front door, making it easy for everyone to find their way there in the dark (and back down to where they parked when it’s time to go home). You might also consider using it around your swimming pool, to ensure it can be used even in the dark of night, or along the path through a garden, so people can view and tour it anytime.

One of the exciting things about being a homeowner is that the space both inside and outside is uniquely yours, so take advantage of that with some outdoor lighting to impress and bolster the enjoyment of guests during the summer months. Call your local electrician in Goshen, NY at Jones Services to schedule an appointment today!

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