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Ceiling and Attic Fans

Ceiling and Attic Fans in Goshen, NY

Airflow within your home is very important. Without something to disrupt and move the air around, heat and humidity can develop within and occupy your living space. This can affect comfort levels, as well as the quality of your furniture and possessions. Jones Services offers an array of installation, replacement, and repair services for any of your ceiling and attic fan needs.

Ceiling Fans in Goshen

Whether you need a ceiling fan inspected/repaired or are in the shop to add one to your home, Jones Services is here to help. A ceiling fan within a particularly populated area of the house can be the perfect addition to keep temperatures under control. Standing heat can lead to perspiration and increased humidity as moisture accumulates in the air. Especially in places like the living room or kitchen where people tend to accumulate, this can make the environment hard to breathe in and much less comfortable than what is possible.

Benefits of a Ceiling Fan Installation

  • Facilitate airflow between rooms
  • Decrease the likelihood of perspiration
  • Help prevent increased in-home humidity

Attic Fans in Goshen

Attic fans serve a very unique purpose within the attic of your home or business. You may have noticed at one time or another, on a typical 80-degree summer’s day, that when you went up to the attic the temperature felt like it had randomly scaled up to 100 degrees! Well, first things first you were most likely correct. Odds are it was pretty close to 100 degrees in there if you felt a dramatic increase in heat. Secondly, that increase in temperature is a quite common indicator that there is not sufficient ventilation/airflow within your attic. You may be thinking, “Well, that’s fine. It’s not like I live up there and need to regulate temperatures consistently,” but this is absolutely not the case. With increased/unregulated temperatures in your attic, risks include:

  • Warping/breaking of stored furniture and belongings
  • Warping/damaging of structures that support the attic
  • Damaging of electrical components that run through your attic
  • Damaging of roofing materials that may be connected to the attic

Benefits of Attic Fan Installation

Adding an attic fan can drastically help to combat and avoid these issues. An attic fan creates airflow within your attic, prevent any superheating or standing, increasing heat within your attic. Getting the proper ventilation in place gives the hot air a way to escape from the attic and into the outdoors. Jones Services offers a variety of attic fan services including maintenance, installation, and repair of attic fans whenever you need.

Call Jones Services today to inquire about the benefits of ceiling and attic fans in Goshen, NY!

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