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Electric Service Upgrades

Whether it’s lighting, panel, or wiring, eventually your electrical components will be due for an upgrade. Only the most skilled and qualified contractors should be entrusted with upgrading these components, though. That is why Jones Services should be your first and last call for any of your electrical service upgrades. All of our technicians are ensured professionals that will get your upgrades done safely, efficiently, and as quickly as possible, hassle free! Jones Services understands that you want electrical problems addressed as soon as possible, which is why we offer same day emergency electrical services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Common Electrical Service Upgrades

When upgrading you home’s electrical equipment, there are a few different upgrades to consider. Some of the common electrical upgrade jobs we handle include:

  •  Old Wiring
  • Old/Outdated Electrical Panels
  • Dysfunctional/Energy-devouring Lighting
  • Inefficient HVAC and other Major Appliances
  • Ancient Electrical Outlets

Why Upgrade?

Old and outdated electrical components can spell major trouble for a few different reasons within your home. If the components are outdated, odds are they are wildly energy inefficient and costing you dividends in your electric bill. Getting that electrical component upgraded can save you an innumerable amount of money in the long-run. Your comfort is also put at risk. With whatever appliance you use in your home, you should be able to turn it on and have it work with no other hoops to jump through. Outdated electrical components or outlets can have these common leisures in constant need of adjustment or analysis. Save yourself another late night trip to the basement to reset the fuse box by getting it upgraded. Lastly, your safety is far from guaranteed when you have old and outdated components running in your house. Electrical failure and fire can put you and your family at risk, and getting an upgrade can make sure that your family stays happy and safe.

Call Jones Services today and inquire about what you may need to upgrade in your current home!

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