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Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

Contrary to what you may think, swimming pools and hot tubs must be wired by a certified professional, as well as meet the National Electrical Code in order to be considered safely installed. Hooking a hot tub or swimming pool up via extension cables can be incredibly dangerous. Jones Services is ready to hook your swimming pool and hot tub up the right way, and have you floating leisurely and happily next time a hot day or chilly night comes around. Getting a new pool or hot tub can be an exciting experience. You will want nothing more than to set it up immediately, wire/plug everything in yourself, and get it up and running so that you can use it. Unfortunately, setting up and wiring a pool or hot tub is not as simple as putting together a newly bought table. You need professionals to ensure that you’ll be safe and comfortable during your pool-side or hot tub relaxation time.

Pool and Hot Tub Services

Our services extend to all facets of your pool or hot tub needs, including:

  • Heater replacement
  • Filter replacement
  • Pump replacement
  • Electrical and Gas line installation
  • Any and all electrical components

It is crucial to keep a close eye on certain components associated with your hot tub or swimming pool. If routine maintenance is not booked, failures within the heater, filter, and pump can cause serious complications within your pool. You may be left with dirty or freezing cold water to swim around in until a professional arrives to fix the problem.  With a call to Jones Services, we will handle the maintenance, installation, repair, or replacement of any swimming pool/ hot tup service need you may be thinking of.

Call Jones Services today and inquire about how we can help with your swimming pool and hot tub wiring.

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